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EMMA STOCKLASSA: An Interplay Between Classical Elegance and Scandinavian Simplicity

“I strive to seamlessly blend art and design into everyday life, crafting pieces that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of domestic spaces.”



Designer and art creator




As a freelance designer and artist in Stockholm, I blend my training in interior architecture and furniture design to craft playful objects. I find joy in exploring materials firsthand, experimenting with their properties to unveil unexpected nuances in my designs.


I've had the privilege of designing the prestigious Residence Grand Design Award 2024. Furthermore, I've engaged in a limited release collaboration with HEM, showcasing my design to a broader audience. Currently, I craft objects that are available for purchase through various retail partners, offering accessibility to discerning enthusiasts worldwide.


What are 3 values that you wish to mediate through your work? 

As a designer, I aim to mediate three distinct values:

Innovation: Constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas to create fresh and impactful designs.

Aesthetics: Prioritizing the visual appeal and beauty of designs, aiming to evoke emotional responses and enhance user experiences through thoughtful composition, form, and visual elements. 

Surprise: Incorporating unexpected elements into my designs, sparking curiosity and enhancing the overall user experience with surprises. Adding some kind of shift in perception when experiencing my art and design.

What are 3 relevant problems that you wish to solve through your work? 

Integrate Creativity: By infusing artistic elements into functional designs and incorporating design principles into artistic expression, I want to blur the boundaries between the two disciplines, fostering a more fluid and holistic approach to creation.

Embrace Experimentation: Encouraging experimentation and exploration in both art and design processes, I strive to challenge conventional definitions, leading to innovative and boundary-pushing creations that defy traditional categorization.

Infuse Everyday Living: I strive to seamlessly blend art and design into everyday life, crafting pieces that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of domestic spaces.



What do you see as your cultural path and how do you articulate it to the world?

I was born in a small village in Czechia named Opocno, near where my mother grew up. We lived in Prag half of my childhood and later moved to Stockholm. My cultural journey is a nuanced blend of my roots and relocation I would say. I merge the traditions of Prague with the contemporary vibes of Stockholm. While my upbringing in the Czech Republic imbued me with a deep appreciation for history and artistic heritage, my life in Stockholm adds a layer of modernity and minimalism to my perspective. This nuanced blend influences my work, infusing it with a dynamic interplay between classical elegance and Scandinavian simplicity.

How do you define change, imperfection, and focus? How do they define you?


I see change is the essence of evolution, representing both the expected and unknown. Embracing change allows for continuous learning, development, and transformation. Change defines me as someone who thrives on new experiences, challenges, and opportunities for growth.


I would say that imperfection celebrates authenticity and vulnerability, recognizing that imperfections are what make us human and unique. Imperfection defines me as someone who embraces authenticity, striving to learn from mistakes and imperfections to become a better version of myself. Acknowledging imperfections is part of the journey in learning. 


Focus is something I struggle with, it’s the ability to direct attention, energy, and resources toward specific goals or subjects. It requires clarity of purpose, discipline, and commitment to prioritize what truly matters. I strive to be able to channel more of my energy and passion into myself and my craftsmanship. 

What are the ‘accents’ that make your work authentic?

The "accents" that make my work authentic stem from a combination of personal passion, cultural influences, and dedication to craftsmanship. I work only with techniques I find exciting and interesting and always try to infuse my creations with a sense of sincerity and depth, contributing to their authenticity that hopefully resonates with the viewers.



Lisa Reiser


Designer and artist



A moment of revelation about each other’s character that made you realize something about the world or your belief system:

Emma Stocklassa:

I'm relatively new to this industry, having started my own venture last summer. It's a rather unconventional job where I find myself both having an endless amount of colleagues and working all by myself at the same time. Working independently means having all the freedom in the world, so having someone to bounce ideas with is crucial. Lisa's support has been invaluable; simply being there to discuss ideas, share experiences, and offer advice within our field. Despite its unconventional nature, this industry feels incredibly welcoming and inclusive, with a sense that everyone is embraced and valued.

Lisa Reiser:

Emma and I first met at a café in Stockholm, where we exchanged art after chatting for a few months on Instagram. Since then, it has felt like we're colleagues in an industry where solo work is common. Emma's relaxed, fun, and cool demeanor shines through, making even events like furniture fairs or mixers enjoyable. Her inviting nature softens and enlivens the design world. Last December, I made glass bowls that I shared on Stories as a sneak peek before launching them. Coincidentally, Emma had also created similar bowls around the same time, unaware of each other's projects. Such occurrences often lead to conflicts in the design world. Emma's relaxed attitude towards this situation made everything feel simple, aligning perfectly with my view of how we should approach the design profession and our egos—casual, enjoyable, and generous. We've discussed collaborating on the bowls in the future.


Creative Leaders to look up to:

Throughout my upbringing, my mother, Hana, has been an immense source of inspiration. Growing up in Czechia amidst the difficulties of communism, she encountered a range of challenges, including food rationing, navigating corruption, and a pervasive feeling of insecurity and confinement. Despite these hardships, she persevered and carved out a successful career in the design world. What truly stands out about my mother is her unwavering belief in my abilities. While she could have easily paved the way for my career, she always encouraged me to forge my own path and succeed on my own merits. This instilled in me a profound sense of determination and self-confidence, shaping my belief that with hard work and perseverance, I can overcome any obstacle.

Another person who have made an impact in my artistry is Charlotte Periand. As a pioneer in modernist design, her innovative use of materials and functional approach set new standards, evident in timeless pieces. Her way of work sparked an inspiration within me. 

Perriand's advocacy for gender equality reshaped the design profession, challenging traditional norms and championing inclusivity. Drawing inspiration from nature, her designs incorporated organic elements, reflecting a commitment to sustainability that remains relevant today.

Her legacy as a visionary designer, collaborator, advocate, and environmental steward inspires creatives worldwide to push boundaries, embrace innovation, and advocate for social and environmental causes.


How do we ensure that we, as current and future designers, do not overlook important elements or considerations in our designs that may have been valued by our predecessors?

This conversation contributes to a new media format, where Creatives are in full control of their narratives. By exploring alternatives to narrative journalism, GAHSP starts unconventional conversations, emphasizing values and problems that shape our lives collectively.

Conversation Led by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Emma Stocklassa

Unedited. Only Formatted.


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