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GOGO LUPIN in Conversation with GAHSP: The artists captured in his NYC studio



The Monologue series is the freest conservation format established by GAHSP to encourage and enable Creatives to express their thoughts and emotions through a personal narrative.


Like, connect with one another on a deeper level..?

The ability to understand and share the feelings, emotions, and perspectives of others.

I mean the capacity to put yourself in someone else's shoes, right?

Recognizing their emotions and responding in a caring and compassionate manner.

GOGO LUPIN in Conversation with GAHSP: The Monologue.

hmm what can I say about it ?

Now I am wondering if people really understand what I’m sharing and doing with the color pink.

Empathy and the color pink are not inherently related, but it's interesting to explore the potential psychological connections between colors and emotions.

Colors can have psychological and emotional associations, and pink is often associated with feelings of love, compassion, nurturing, and sensitivity but for me pink rhymes with pain and after love

These emotional associations might have some indirect links to empathy due to the color's soothing and calming nature. When people are in a relaxed and positive state of mind, they may be more open to understanding and connecting with others' emotions.

However, it's important to note the psychological impact of colors can vary depending on personal experiences, upbringing, and cultural background.

GOGO LUPIN in Conversation with GAHSP: The artist captured with his artwork in his NYC atelier
GOGO LUPIN in Conversation with GAHSP: Artworks

I think that Empathy is a complex cognitive and emotional skill. It involves understanding and sharing the emotions of others, and it goes beyond any single color association.

And I will say that Empathy is a multifaceted human capacity that encompasses various cognitive and emotional processes, and its development and expression are influenced by numerous factors beyond the color spectrum.

And that, practicing empathy requires active listening, putting aside judgment, and being genuinely present with others. Cultivating empathy can lead to a more compassionate and understanding society where people feel seen, heard, and valued.

Yeah and I don’t think we are all able to be like that..

GOGO LUPIN in Conversation with GAHSP: The artist captured in NYC

Can we say that paint or dance are a form of empathy, at least for me.. they are a powerful means of expressing and evoking empathy.

I use painting and dancing to share and explore different perspective of my complex emotions and inner feeling



I think, I know the answer*

Now we talk about it. I know they don’t.. I don't think people really understand and have empathy for my work.. like they probably like it because the color pink is cool now and not necessarily going deeper and what if we go back in time ( 2014 ) and i told you the real story of being PINK at that time…

GOGO LUPIN in Conversation with GAHSP: The artist captured in NYC

At the same time it isn't their fault, I guess it is mine.. I know I’m not saying or showing the full truth…

Maybe one day.

« Me who mainly uses the color pink as a means of expression, I try to create a space for emotional exploration and to arouse particular reactions in the viewer.

It is a way of communicating and sharing emotions through a unique visual language. Drawing on the symbolism and emotional associations of pink, I create works that challenge the boundaries of emotional perception and foster a special connection between the audience and me. I think this artistic approach demonstrates the powerful potential of empathy to engage the viewer in an authentic and deeply personal emotional experience. »

Here is what I would like to tell you.. and I am working on it!

Save the date: 2024

This monologue contributes to a new media format, where Creatives are in full control of their narratives. By exploring alternatives to narrative journalism, GAHSP starts unconventional conversations, emphasizing values and problems that shape our lives collectively.

Monologue Formatted by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Gogo Lupin

Unedited. Only Formatted.


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