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CHIRON DUONG: The Mysterious Sentiments of Asian Life

“There will be people aiming for perfection, there will be people aiming for imperfection. To me, it all intertwines to create value.”



Chiron Duong




Visual Artist and Photographer


Chiron Duong (Dat Duong born in 1996) graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture and is a fashion and fine-art photographer in Vietnam. His biggest inspiration is the culture of Vietnam and Asian cultures in general. “I’ve explored (these cultures) and learned a lot from my research: The Asian color palettes are not only extremely vivid and uplifting, but they are also liberating, delightful, and they have so many stories to tell.”


The Picto Prize for Fashion Photography 2020, France.

The 37th Hyeres Festival 2022, France.

Photo Vogue Festival 2022, Italy.


What are 3 values that you wish to mediate through your work? 

I want to convey community in global issues such as love, plants, and inspiration for life.

The second is individuality through my personal experience, each artist will have a different context.

The third is pure art. Pure art about the artist's emotions and vibrations.

What are 3 relevant problems that you wish to solve through your work? 

Originally a landscape architect, I am interested in applying the art of photography to the following issues:

The art of photography with architecture, interior, and decoration.

The art of photography applies education and brings knowledge in an interesting way to viewers.

The art of photography combined with music, literature, and multimedia to provide sensory experiences.

From there, humanity is formed in the community.



What do you see as your cultural path and how do you articulate it to the world?

I show my context. From childhood memories mixed with the realities of my adulthood. Those are the stages that I'm interested in in life. I strive to convey the mysterious sentiments of Asian life with its folklore and traditional beliefs. My instrument is photography: I strive to offer my audience pictures whose colors, materials, emotions, and techniques manifest the interference of Eastern, especially Vietnamese and Western culture.

My works also evoke the contrast between the child’s soaring and optimistic mind and the empty soul of the grown-up in modern society.

How do you define change, imperfection, and focus? How do they define you?


For me, everything always changes, but it will have some general philosophical rules. Change is inevitable depending on each stage of life in order to develop. At each stage I stop and see which way I will go, and how I will change so that I can step out of my own safety and continue living.


There will be people aiming for perfection, there will be people aiming for imperfection. To me, it all intertwines to create value. I just care about my feelings and ask: does this match my feelings? Sometimes the imperfections in the work will suit my direction, sometimes I need perfection. 


I am in a period of upheaval caused by the world around me and myself not being steady enough to concentrate. So every day, every hour I remind myself to focus on the things of the present and get these things done. After that, I will continue to reflect and direct the next direction. For me, concentration is extremely important to help me practice discipline in my work. Because I don't think I'm an artist who can completely live by emotions.

What are the ‘accents’ that make your work authentic?

I think it's a mixture of working and enjoying work. Sometimes people can see my explorations and fascination with plants, or moving props, to the point where they forget the main object is the model. For me, it is one of the joys besides the stressful moments that come from taking photos and coming up with ideas.



Huynh Minh Thong




Graphic Designer, Co-Founder Xonxao Studio, Founder Thoc Journal

Name a moment of revelation about each other’s character that made you realize something about the world or your belief system:

Huynh Minh Thong is a talented graphic designer from Vietnam who collaborates with me on many projects. The most recent is the Ao Dai photo book design project. He is also the founder of a platform introducing Vietnamese multimedia art called Thoc.

I am inspired by the dynamism and learning from this healthy creative community to transform my own thinking. This is very important to me. Because experiencing different creative and design environments will give me inspiration. Therefore I am more open in my approach and do not think much about the boundaries between traditional photography or digital photography or other mediums such as software applications.


Creative Leaders to look up to:

I don't have a name in mind, because I think each person will have a certain influence and I like variety.

This conversation contributes to a new media format, where Creatives are in full control of their narratives. By exploring alternatives to narrative journalism, GAHSP starts unconventional conversations, emphasizing values and problems that shape our lives collectively.

Conversation Led by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Chiron Duong

Unedited. Only Formatted.


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