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What's on Their Mind? The Cover.


A mini series revealing hidden ideas of 9 Creatives from around the world


Presenting @kyequinlan, Actor and Makeup Artist from NYC. The main inspiration for Kye roots in the beauty of the Queer community. Their vibrant, empowering and thorough world shows through both the grandiose makeup looks, as well as their screen presence.

“The Queer community has always inspired me. The goal with my work is to amplify the voices of trans and non-binary people; I want to create a space in which we can showcase our art and our stories authentically, safely, and beautifully.”


Photography @totalxtc

Slide 1

Model @___dax___

Photography & Makeup @kyequinlan

Slide 2

Photography @sxuicune

Slide 3

Photography @pinkmashhh

Styling @_tajma_


Presenting @_.sarako._, Artist, Photographer and Filmmaker from Paris. Being originally from Syria, Sara’s work evolves around the questions of home and identity. While looking at the images, there is a sense of wondering, and a visual perception of both the physical distance and the intangible - distant emotions.

“A face, my body, my land, my home. A body which is seeking for a sensation, a feeling, it’s identity, looking at home as a distant place, strongly holding the ground.”


Presenting @cherymegane , a multidisciplinary Creative from Paris whose work is influenced by the complexity of human emotions. That being externalized through art, Mégane portrays conflicting states of mind as an Artist, Stylist and Fashion Designer.

“What inspires me in my art are emotions, feelings. I try to highlight the complexity of humans in all these states. Being depressed myself, I try to externalize my emotions through art. In short, art for me is a real therapy.”

Cover and Slide 2

Photography by Theo DLT @theodlt

Assistant is Samuel Celeste @dante_paris_

Models are Alice Nottola signed at CITY MODELS and Florian @flo.exotique@karmakom.a

Make up by Myriam Berkoun @mymy_xoo

Styling by Megan Chery @cherymegane

Brands – Saint Laurent Paris / Gucci / Dr Martens / Don Quijote / Wrangler / Gudule / Vintage

Slide 1

Photography by Theo DLT @theodlt

Model Tristan Pons @tristan_pons

Make up by Myriam Berkoun @mymy_xoo

Styling by Megan Chery @cherymegane

Brands – Vintage / Dante p.p


Presenting @iamsalimb, Model and Stylist from Paris whose eclectic and imposing appearance points out the latest allures of the French creative scene.

“It’s true that love can be hard... and sometimes when you don’t know this feeling it can be scary but this sensation deserves to be lived”


Presenting @spencerlloydblake, New York based Photographer who represents “a new generation of cultural and critical observers” stirring a fresh wave of fashion imagery. Inspired by cinematic narratives, Spencer transforms a diverse selection of sceneries into imposing stills, using a universal style that speaks of elegance and profound perception, with a touch of dark humor.

“Randomness of life! The ability to capture beautiful images of more than one type of subject excites me. It’s all photography; the camera is a tool. I think of myself as an architect of moments. You see there is not just one idea that inspires me, because it all does. Within my cellular device lies a note file that contains most of the ideas I plan to act on. They range from being the presidents personal photographer for a term to forcing all of my friends to play a character in my imaginary universe of characters. Ohhh!!!!! I also want to shoot a F1 race with a Nikon F5 and a very big telephoto lens! But just stuff like that… you know?”


Presenting @damienmaloney, a Photographer from California who uses a thought-provoking and often intimidating visual language to reveal rare perceptions of the world. Whether there are living creatures or objects in the photographs, it is almost as if their character would have been intentionally captured, and then broadcasted loudly through the stills.

“I like the idea that if you move or touch something the right way something magical will reveal itself. Delicate textures and ways that things are filled and emptied, wearing brands and images as flags to others to signal our allegiance. Tactile, the ASMR of surfaces that are familiar even when you only see them in image. Paranoia, sexuality, I’m zoomed in on all the little textures and finishes.”


Presenting @ephdaisy, emerging Fashion Designer from Roubaix, France. Marguerite Coppa, to her friends Daisy, creates sophisticated and sensual menswear that explores how richness and purity can be reinterpreted and inverted through one another - a sense of wildness and love coming together.

“The idea of the end of our earth! I’ve watched The Bad Batch last week. And it makes me think that aesthetics around wild humans and wild feelings in an big arid land can be really beautiful. How in the chaos we can find beauty, how in the chaos we can find love. When I think about it I always design clothes for a kind of «rebirth of humanity», far than our overconsumption and far than our beloved patriarchy. Maybe apocalypse is my biggest inspiration.”

Cover and Slide 1

Photography @simonlongherve

Slide 2

Photography @leila.ravel


Presenting @yingang, Melbourne based photographer, author, curator and educator whose latest work, The Quickening, revisits the paradoxical state of motherhood. The images capture a stirring ambiance, almost as if emotions were frozen, yet still delving deeper and deeper, disclosing the complexity of the subject’s perception.

“On the importance of "Personal Photography"

As professional photographers, we are continuously forced by our peers and audience to define our work in intellectual terms, forced to find some place for our images in the larger discourse of photography by way of artist statements and wall text. What is overlooked is the sheer act of photography that refuses by its very nature to be a literal exercise. We are not encouraged, as professionals, to nurture the instinctive impetus to photograph our lives, our minutiae, our confusion, perhaps simply our response to what occurs on infinitely complex levels around us and within us…. without trying to force it into words, as if by doing that, the act of photographing is somehow justified and made important. We forget that the passage of time always finds a way to distill our present, our manic confusion into a series of events, illustrated and proven by the documents in which we leave behind. It will not be up to us to decide which photographs will be important through the centuries, it will be time itself, and the only role we can play is to provide the material from which time will siphon from for the generations to come.”


Presenting @erfan_shek, Hong Kong based Iranian photographer, a multi-faceted Creative whose work mediates between the realms of “words, poems and images”, provoking unrealized, layered emotions in the viewers.

“What excites me the most at this moment is the idea of opening a person up. Throwing away the shielding simplicity and revealing what is true and deep within. The complexity is something that we all have but have unfortunately learned (almost too well) how to hide as a means to blend in; a “Re-revelation” if you will.”

Written and edited by Julia Horvath


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