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GOODWILL, Humility. The Cover featuring CHRISTEAN and YURI

The GAHSP Digital Cover of VOLUME VII, Humility documents the exploration of ego, identity and perception through a visual exercise that aims to levitate character into uniform. Throughout the series, photographer Adam Nagy, stylists Henoch Bellanton and Arielle Drye take apart and reconstruct the characters of NYC Creatives Christean Kareem and Yuri Tachi.

New York, New York. 16th of October, 2022.

Disclaimer: this cover is a digital experience bound to real-time events and relationships, therefore cannot be replicated.

Volume VII, Issue HUMILITY.

Photography: @_adamnagy_

Creative Direction: @_adamnagy_ & @juliahorvath.concept

Wardrobe: @fresh_flyson

Production: @gahspsystems

Written and Edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of GAHSP Media


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