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VIKTOR HAMMARBERG: Visual Commentaries Undercover

“I’ve spent my life in a path of least resistance.”



Visual artist


Sandviken, Sweden


I’m a multi-disciplinary creative providing services such as art/creative direction and custom visuals to select artists and commercial clients.


Addison Rae, Boiler Room, Channel Tres, Peggy Gou, Rita Ora, Rosalía, Steve Lacy, SZA, Vogue Scandinavia

Latin GRAMMY® Winner 2022 (Best Recording Package - MOTOMAMI by Rosalía)

Uproxx Sound + Vision Awards 2024 (Best Cover - SOS by SZA)


What are 3 values that you wish to mediate through your work? 

Value and explore science

Reflect on our shared past

No violence

What are 3 relevant problems that you wish to solve through your work?

I’m not really looking to solve problems through my work. I’d rather call it commentary; perhaps highlighting problems or providing perspectives.



What do you see as your cultural path and how do you articulate it to the world?

I’ve spent my life in a path of least resistance. I find myself unable to put genuine effort into things that don't spark my passion. In school, in work , in all, I’ve always done the bare minimum if it doesn’t inspire me, and spent every second I have to spare doing what I love: creating things. In retrospect it led me to where I am today, living off of what I love to do. I’d guess the journey is similar for a lot of creatives.

How do you define change, imperfection and focus? How do they define you?


Change is a key source of inspiration for me. Redecorating my apartment, traveling, moving somewhere new, bringing my laptop to a new café.


Imperfection is realism.



Focus is the state I find myself in when inspiration embraces me and food/sleep become trivial, creatives generally call it “flow” within this context. My favorite part of focus apart from the process itself is having intermittent cigarettes and looking through my progress so far.

What are the ‘accents’ that make your work authentic?

Perhaps my love for parody and humor. I don’t necessarily mean that in a funny way. Approaching design, which inherently takes itself seriously, in a manner that draws ideas from puns generates an interesting ‘accent’. That, combined with my love for science and history I guess could be a partial recipe for whatever authenticity is found within my work.


Creative Leaders to look up to:

Eric Timothy Carlsson

Samuel Burgess Johnson

This conversation contributes to a new media format, where Creatives are in full control of their narratives. By exploring alternatives to narrative journalism, GAHSP starts unconventional conversations, emphasizing values and problems that shape our lives collectively.

Conversation Led by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Viktor Hammarberg

Unedited. Only Formatted.


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