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An exploration across disciplines and perspectives.

In the newest edition of #GAHSPzeitgeist, we are introducing figurative realist painter Brendan Fitzpatrick through the lense of his own medium. On our cover the recent self portrait paintings explore the evolution of the self, highlighting the perception of the professional vs. personal dimension of one’s world.

Fluid, we look inwards to reflect on the triumphs and tribulations of each one of us — a change for the better. And to celebrate the evolution of GAHSP and the creative community at large, we selected the first of its kind mind-haunting work of the figurative realist painter for our cover.

Newsflash: the concept of success is subjective. We all know it, we’ve known it ever since we were in high school and our classmate Scott was praised for his perfect grades. Now Scott is in prison. (Editor’s note: this author is projecting, please move along). But no matter how shallow and elusive “success” might be, we still chase it.

Replacing other people with a past version of oneself as a reference when doing the comparison is a trick as old as the Catholic Church, yet it still somehow works. At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective. And who knows about perspective more than a portraitist? And who is a better portraitist than our cover star Brendan Fitzpatrick?

Written by Gennady Oreshkin

Image Courtesy of Brendan Fitzpatrick

Edited by Julia Horvath


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