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STATES OF SUCCESS, FAINT featuring Ludmila Pagliero

Behind every extraordinary character is a more extraordinary performer. It was this element of artistry that drew Ludmila Pagliero, Étoile of Paris Opera Ballet, to pursue the art of dancing. “I started to have when I was a child, the feeling that I wanted to move and be active with my body. I didn’t know if it was through the sport or the arts, until I found dancing. I could tell a story or have the opportunity to create a character, become someone else,” recalls Pagliero.

What are three fundamental values that you would like to embrace throughout your career, that you pay special attention to during your work?

One of the most important things is sincerity. I need to work with people that I can trust and have the space to open myself and I will reciprocate that. I'm not scared to hear hard things if it comes from the heart, with a good intention to make me go further or become a better person.

The commitment is another one. One for all, all for one!

Freedom. Be available to see new things, to think different, to create something new. Of course, we are all inspired by someone or something and we cannot erase all this information from our heads so easily. But for making art alive, I think we have to try all the possibilities, freeing ourselves from the yoke of the current ideas to know what we want to do, what we want to propose, with all the respect that the piece deserves.

What are three relevant problems that you wish to solve or improve with the help of your work?

As a travel artist, I know that the borders can be broken and the language that we use in art is universal. Art can often easily be understood by people from different social, cultural, and political backgrounds. We can emotionally touch someone without even knowing one other.

Art is a cathartic experience that also provides a sense of achievement. I know people can feel better both when creating or consuming art, or by simply being in the presence of something art-related. It’s helped me discover and understand a lot of things about me that I never recognised before.

I think art is a good therapy and way to bring people together. We could all benefit from growing up surrounded by art, that allows self-expression and self-awareness.

#GAHSPzeitgeist /// FAINT

What is it like to be the Etoile of the Paris Opera Ballet?

It’s a beautiful gift to have the chance to realise my first dream, like I told you before I was moved by the artistic part of ballet. As an étoile I’m Juliette, I’m Tatiana, I’m the Swan and all the wonderful heroines of ballet. Of course I have a big responsibility, especially with my young colleagues, as an image of hard work and accomplishment. I try to give the empathy and example of it, no matter where you come from or where you finish, if it makes you happy there’s always a place for you somewhere. You just need to take your courage, maybe move far from home. But it’s worth it.

A difficult part is when you leave the Corps of ballet and become a soloist. Suddenly you start to spend so much more time alone. You don’t rehearse anymore with your friends, you see less people during the day. The loneliness can be heavy sometimes.


What is your definition of success?

Hard work. When I look back, there were some many things that I just could acquire working. It was not natural. I just need it to work on it and persevere.

Even today, I have to continue, to keep the shape, the force and the control of myself judgement. For that I try to be very conscious to not judge to much or very quickly, criticism can be a hard weapon.



An exploration across disciplines and perspectives.

Photography & Art Direction: @sarahgotrot / @sarahgotrot_photographie

Production: @gahspmedia

Featured fashion designers: @interdeeparis & @homologofficial

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Written and edited by Gennady Oreshkin and Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of GAHSP Media


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