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GENESIS, Board. The Cover featuring FRANCK STEVE NGAKO and JORYS

"Inline skating activates my creativity: it is a true gift! My responsibility is to share."

The July 2022 GAHSP Digital Cover documents the dynamics and the connecting power of the skater scene in Paris through the initial meeting of Franck Steve Ngako and Jorys on the 6th of May at Siege Groupe Le Monde.

Disclaimer: this cover is a digital experience bound to real-time events and relationships, therefore cannot be replicated.

GAHSP in conversation with Franck Steve Ngako.



Film Director & Founder of LAFLAIME

Current Location:


Your story as a skater:

I started skating in 2011 while filming friends from my team “Rolling Monkeys”.


What are values that you gained from skating that you make use of in your everyday life?

It’s a way for me to feel free: physically and mentally. A good source of inspiration for projects. Take good care of the body and mind, they need to be in good shape. The body never lies, listen to it when it talks to you!


What it means...


For me that means it is about what you create is unique.


The best way is to skate with my friends. We communicate without talking, our body language and our tricks is the way to go.


The only thing you risk when you try is to be better after your fall, so keep trying.


Inline skating activates my creativity: it is a true gift! My responsibility is to share.


Is truly like love coming from heart.


Make you disciplined.


No way - because everyday is unique.


Give me the power to do better next time.


How does the skater community help you evolve as an individual?

Every skater has his own style and level and you have yours that makes you unique, and you can notice your individuality.

How does being part of a skater community influence the way you form new relationships?

Makes me communicative mostly because that is the way to keep good vibes in relationships.

Volume VI, Issue BOARD.

Cover star: @flaimart & @jorys_94

Photography: @got.raw

Styling: @iamsalimb

Creative Direction: @juliahorvath.concept

Production: @gahspsystems

Written and Edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of GAHSP Media


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