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Tommy Ros, Fashion Model, Northern France

The travelling patterns of humans change every time they face a crisis. During the ice age, the first people migrated south, when the church of England started being oppressive, people of Britain fled to the New World, a place free of church and religious oppression at the time. Now, the virus has significantly impacted our ability to travel. Instead of flying Hong Kong-Paris-New York every season, we have to make peace by limiting ourselves to travelling domestically.

Fashion model @tommyyros ‘s travelling is limited by the South of France now. Surrounded by the azure of the sky and the sea, Tommy will offer his contemplations and thoughts during the upcoming Instagram takeover on 18.08 as part of #breatheGAHSP. Stay tuned.

New York-based fashion model, @tommyyros had to relocate to the South of France during the pandemic and had to experience the major changes in the industry firsthand. The rhythm has changed. The environment has changed. The attitude has also changed. When working in Europe, Tommy has to stick to strict social distancing rules and embrace the slower-paced work dynamic that is so rare for successful fashion models.

Tommy is taking this moment to grow and rediscover the hidden beauty of the new environment. Should we, perhaps, follow his lead?


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