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Timothy Philip, Singer & Songwriter, New York

Tomorrow, keep focused the best thing is yet to come and the time is now don’t forget to be thankful for today and remind yourself that you are great.

Soon, if you know you have it all you got, it’s ok to let go of something that you love. Sometimes we have to prioritizes our passions. Not everything is meant for forever. As long as the work was put in, it’s ok to move forward into something new and something different. Music is life but other things can become life after music life. Sacrificing relationships other things that can be worth while when young for the goal of success is a worthy sacrifice and don’t regret it.

& later, think of of the things you could have done different and let it sink for awhile. After that let it go. As long as the path where you are now was a true one to yourself and the ones you love, it’s ok to have made mistakes and a few regrets. I hope you are truly content and happy. Hope you’re still having fun with music im spare time.


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