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Shereen Ahmed, Model, Journalist, Host & Content Creator, Dubai

Society often puts models into a one bedazzled box and refuses to view them as interesting, multi-faceted personalities and professionals. @shereenahmed has been fighting this status quo throughout her whole career that spans modeling, journalism, content creation and more.

“I’m a model, journalist, host and content creator. Watching my mother drop an earring at a fashion show in the ‘90s, after another had fallen off, in a graceful manner, had me in awe. Ever since then, I always aspired to model or be part of the fashion industry in any way, shape or form. At the age of 15, my first runway show gave me the confidence I never knew I had- it was. Modeling kept me focused and it stayed as a side gig and hobby until date; but I also loved to write and that I did too. After obtaining my journalism degree, I went on to work for a digital publication, writing and hosting, interviewing inspiring individuals and representing my heritage (Bahraini/ Filipino) in the field. Many people have tried to put me in a box, often keeping me in that ‘model’ category and rejecting the idea that I could be or do more and I’ve always been one to digress. “


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