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Scott Flores, Model & Multidisciplinary Artist, Designer, NYC

Harlem — a place where many of the finest minds came together to create and disrupt the art and fashion scene (think of the ballroom culture and its indisputable effect on pop culture and mainstream fashion).

Our next #GAHSPvanity , Scott Flores, was brought up in Harlem, surrounded by subversive contemporary art, vibrant cultural phenomena and style icons in their right — all in the faces of the members of Harlems’s creative community. Scott is a musician, artist, clothing designer, and a model, his artistic sense manifests through references to the early days of streetwear and subtle references to the Gen Z fashions (much like Hedi Slimane’s latest work for Celine menswear).

Written by Gennady Oreshkin

Image Courtesy of Scott Flores

Edited by Julia Horvath


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