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Qu & A with Riccardo Chesti

In GAHSP’s first interview, @r_chesti responded to the questions about the uncertainty of the creative jobs market asked by @emanuele_manco from a perspective of a curator and a philosopher, tying it to the grand theme of communication that can be traced throughout the whole interview.

A few days ago, @rachelvandernachtmentioned how crises inadvertently lead to new works of art, styles and forms. To that Chesti responded with an idea that art (or anything creative for that matter) is meant to solve one problem by creating a new one (or a myriad of the new ones), much like it happened after WWII or during the Art Deco era in NYC.

We started GAHSP with the hope to spark conversations among the creatives about the uncertainty, changes, hopes and fears. The best way to start a conversation is with a question.

When we reached out to Riccardo Chesti, Hong Kong-based gallerist, we were struck by the insightful curatorial take he offered when asked to formulate three questions. Naturally, our curiosity got the best of us and there we were, sitting at the same table discussing art, time and other beautiful conceptual subjects.

Riccardo responded to some of the questions that we have collected from the creatives all around the globe. He spoke about the ways to emerge from the ‘battle’ that is the pandemic with grace and dignity and about the novelties in the world of curation.

Between the lack of sensory input mentioned by @sasponella and fear of manual artistic techniques being diminished, expressed by @shinoart , one will naturally start wondering about the possibilities to utilize the virtual space to the best of one’s ability. Riccardo’s stance on virtual reality seemed progressive but was still filled with uncertainties.


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