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#PORTRAIT ft. Tommy G Ros

#GAHSPportrait is a monthly practice aiming to shift more focus to the creative individual. Getting to know a creative mind can be the link to new layers of inspirations and knowledge, yet too often it gets overlooked by formalities. This initiative sheds light on the 'unique', 'universal' and 'recent' virtues of Creatives with the goal to uncover what they have to offer beyond their skills, positions and influence.



Paris / New York

Known from the catwalk and editorials of

Saint Laurent, Sezane, Zara, Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Lanvin, Pacochicano, Gunther, The Kooples

How would you describe your character as a Creative?

My upbringing and life experiences are what, I believe, have shaped me into who am I am today and have forged my present day character.

I was born and raised in Paris, France to parents with Latin and Asian backgrounds allowing me to have incredible exposure to a variety of cultures and ways of life.

This exact combination of cultures, from a very young age, enabled me to be a very open minded person, which, I hope is palpable when being around me!

In addition to my childhood, I have been fortunate enough to be going back and forth a lot between Europe and the United States since my teenage years, helping me mature.

That is why, being fortunate enough to have experienced so much at a young age, I would describe myself as a composed, respectful and relentless human being.




Tell us about one face-to-face meeting that opened a new perspective for you.

Picking one specific meeting would be too difficult, as, mentioned previously, my growth has been made possible through a variety of eye opening experiences and journeys.

That is one thing I love about being based in New York. This city is the ultimate melting pot. Having so many people co-existing peacefully, as a whole, is simply mind-blowing in my eyes.

You learn so much from simply walking down the street and that is what makes New York so special.

That aside, I think every single conversation I have with my loved ones allows me to grow as a person and become the best version of myself.

Living in New York, in addition to my regular back and forth to Paris, has me feeling like I am constantly learning new things and having my eyes opened to new perspectives, one human interaction at the time.

Photographed by Piya Chitsamran, Pete Hopkins and Sebnem Demirel

Written and edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Tommy G Ros


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