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#PORTRAIT ft. Margot & Robin

GAHSP #PORTRAIT is a monthly practice aiming to shift more focus to the creative individual. Getting to know a creative mind can be the link to new layers of inspirations and knowledge, yet too often it gets overlooked by formalities. This initiative sheds light on the 'unique', 'universal' and 'recent' virtues of Creatives with the goal to uncover what they have to offer beyond their skills, positions and influence.


Photographers, Creators

Marseille / Paris

Founders of Studio Cinq-Cent-Quarante (

Clients include ACCOR Hotel, Tara Jarmon, Makeup For Ever, Givenchy Beauty, Instagram, Mazarine Paris, Fusalp, Azzaro, Unoficial, Aflie, Umlaut

The Creative love duo, Margot & Robin


"We are really creative and we come up with ideas live. But, the unique virtue is our ability to adapt in any situation."


"For sure we are kind, sometimes too much. The universal virtue will be empathy. On a set, we take care of everyone, and there is no differentiation of how we value technicians, models or directors."


"The most recent virtue we focused on is transmission - we want to share our knowledge. We can say that another really strong one is to always try to become better and better. We are never satisfied with our work, and each time when we finish editing photos or a film, we tell ourselves that we can do better. That is why our work is constantly evolving. Never stop exploring."

Written and edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Margot & Robin


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