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#PORTRAIT ft. Kilbo

#PORTRAIT is a monthly practice aiming to shift more focus to the creative individual. Getting to know a creative mind can be the link to new layers of inspirations and knowledge, yet too often it gets overlooked by formalities. This initiative sheds light on the 'unique', 'universal' and 'recent' virtues of Creatives with the goal to uncover what they have to offer beyond their skills, positions and influence.


3D Artist & Digital Creator



Good listener!! (borrowing the words of friends)

It is said that I am kind to humans as well as small kittens.

I listen to people's stories and try to empathize with them.

The conversation is often remembered as a pleasant chatter.


Explore new things.

Always open and curious to new things.

So, try something new.

I try to provocatively reveal the creativity and original colors that I have gained in this way in my work.


Recently quit [working for] the company.

I spend time on myself, focusing on a perspective where I can grow.

The work is similar, but will it work for me? Working for a company? [That] is a completely different story.

Going further than that, I'm trying to work with good people.

Written and Edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Kilbo


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