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#PORTRAIT ft. Franciska Paula

#PORTRAIT is a monthly practice aiming to shift more focus to the creative individual. Getting to know a creative mind can be the link to new layers of inspirations and knowledge, yet too often it gets overlooked by formalities. This initiative sheds light on the 'unique', 'universal' and 'recent' virtues of Creatives with the goal to uncover what they have to offer beyond their skills, positions and influence.


Sculpturer, Props/Set Designer, Movement Director & Model



I like to create a universe of playfulness, in an almost childish way. This doesn’t mean there is no darkness in the play, tho. I guess I just always see the humor within the darkness, and vice versa.


My universal virtue would be self-discipline. I have never been good at fitting in an institution, so I am fully self-taught, but it requires discipline to live up to the goals one sets for themselves. I used to do competitive sport, that taught me a lot about self-discipline, I am forever grateful for this.


Communication is gold, and recently it has been a major focus of mine, something which I have realized the importance of. Communicating one’s expectations, being respectful and keeping a good tone. When all this comes together, from myself or from others, it’s a huge satisfaction. And I think the world would be a better place if everyone learned how to communicate well.

Written and Edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Franciska Paula


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