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Para Site Annual Auction , SoHo House, Hong Kong

Para Site Annual Auction has officially kicked off. The collection showcased the works from the renowned contemporary masters and the rising stars across all sorts of media. Although there was not a strong theme for the auction (by no means a rare occurrence), the curation conveyed the undertones of social awareness, the importance of transparency in history and, of course, identity politics.


In COUNTERNARRATIVES, Pio Abad uses silk banners to engage with the political climate of the Philippines, exploring the cultural aftermath of the Marcos regime. The signature red slogans were inspired by popular culture and history. Depicted here is the line sung by George Washington in the musical Hamilton that was revised as an anti-revisionist message during the burial of Ferdinand Marcos in 2016. The historical and cultural references of the work are strengthened by the backdrop of traditional images that serve as a reminder that one can see the future by looking into the past.

Five Studies for Daphne. Ciprian Mureșan. 2020.

The starting point of Five Studies for Daphne was Greek mythology, the water nymph Daphne in particular. The five images attempt to capture the tragic fate of Daphne as narrated by ancient Greeks. According to the legend, the god of sun and poetry, Apollo, fell in love with Daphne after being cursed by Cupid. To protect herself from Apollo’s unwanted infatuation, the nymph pled to her father, the river god, to turn her into a laurel tree, foiling Apollo.

Superimposed Pelage. Wu Wei. 2020

In Superimposed Pelage, Wu Wei attempts to synthesize animalistic silhouettes by using paper collages that create elevations of fur-resembling texture. One might say that Wei is playing God by mimicking fur growth patterns with extreme precision, at the same time, fusing natural with the supernatural by choosing neon colours. The work is a multi-faceted commentary on the growth and fracture of the society, as well as a curious insight into the artist's vision of time itself.


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