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Nicholas Wolf, Model & Fashion Designer, NYC

Models are one of the essential pillars of the fashion industry, that much is obvious. And, models venturing into fashion design and production is, although hardly a novelty, still advances the notion of fashion industry becoming more holistic and nuanced in the best ways possible.

Our next hero of #GAHSPVanity graced the shows of @telfarglobal and @pyermoss and is undoubtedly on his way of giving the term ‘supermodel’ a new facet. When @nlswolf isn’t strutting down the runways of NYFW or appearing on the spreads of countless editorials, he is spending hours in his studio sewing garments for his fashion brand, @untilfurthernoticeco . UNTILFURTHERNOTICE is a contemporary brand that redefines masculinity and sexuality through mesmerizing manipulations with texture. The input that a model can offer a fashion brand is often unfairly undervalued, especially when it comes to creative aspects.

In the case of Nicholas Wolf, however, his expertise in embodying the creative vision of many designers has shaped his own vision and allowed to create a line of profound versatility and relevance, encompassing tailoring (even though strikingly unconventional) and beloved streetwear.


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