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#MEDIA ft. Mitch Yoshida

#MEDIA is a monthly practice to shift more focus to our mission: creating an alternative to traditional media where Creatives are in full control of their narratives. We explore opinions, experiences and wishes that other media outlets will keep unheard.


Make Up Artist

New York

I have always believed there’s a duality in everything that are happening in the world. Wether good or bad, right or wrong, it is important to know there’s always at least two different side of the stories, and it should be up to the individuals to choose what to believe, what to stand for: there’s got to be a freedom of choice.

However, media, in general, often focuses on either one side of the topic, and disregard what’s happening behind the scene. In a society which information level has been highly developed, the influence media brings to the society is so powerful. It often blinds us from what’s real, and that can even manipulate us to think the minorities are wrong.

I think these days people are more likely to be less responsible for their own opinions. (Or perhaps I can even say, people don’t have opinions. )

Those who are influenced by the mass media and the majority opinion, speak out and spread their words with very superficial understanding, but with a strong belief that whatever they believe in is right, simply because the “media” says so. It is very manipulative, and kind of “robotic” that makes it harder for us to have more humanity-like conversations.

I wish media outlets to humbly accept the duality and be more responsible for what they throw out. We tend to pay more attention to the bright side, and naturally close our eyes on things that are disturbing, uncomfortable to look at. However I always try to remind myself that there’s hope and beauty in everything, even in those things I have ignored, pretended like I didn’t see. We must be brave to face it.

Written and edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Mitch Yoshida


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