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Matters of Heart

Part 1: Love.

In the first instalment of #shapeGAHSP we asked artists, musicians and photographers to interpret the topics that have to do with the Matters of Heart. We started with Love. The greatest feeling known to man, and the emotion so strong yet completely incomprehensible. Our contributors interpreted that emotion in ways that spoke to them the most. Love can be a passionate and tender romantic feeling, or it can be a nurturing touch of a parent, to others, love is all about the words of affirmation we keep telling ourselves every morning. Which one is it for you?

As a side note to our first inquiry into the Matters of Heart, we wanted to share the story of one of our contributors, Emily.

@emilygorum. Oil Pastel and Colored Pencil on 9x12" Pastel Paper.

“I grew up in a small town in Georgia and knew from a young age that I wanted to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. So, when I was 18 I moved to New York to attend Parsons. I received a BFA in Fashion Design and a BA in history and French in 2017. I currently work as a denim Product Developer.

I grew up introverted. I did not enjoy partying as a teenager, going out to bars, socializing in big groups, etc. I always felt most comfortable with myself while I was (poorly) sewing or sketching alone. This preference has managed to stay with me throughout my adult years.

When COVID hit New York I used my additional free (and alone) time to experiment with different methods of mark-making. I eventually landed on a process that I enjoy and feel confident about developing further.”

When the time slowed down, Emily found her resort in the small and the mundane, the topics that largely inspired her sensual and emotional works.

Part 2: Intimacy.

In the first instalment of #shapeGAHSP we asked artists, musicians and photographers to interpret the topics that have to do with the Matters of Heart. Our next inquiry will be into Intimacy. The rush of thoughts that spiral through your mind when you and that special someone touch, the electricity that saturates the air when you hear them share an emotional story with you. The ways our contributors reflected the topic varied, yet, at their core, one could trace more similarities than one would expect.

As an extension, a piece of context, if you will, for our attempts to explore and describe the feeling of Intimacy, we share the story of LA-based photographer, Pol Kurucz.

Before reaching the shores of photography, art and eccentric fashion, Pol Kurucz was cruising the world all the way from Hungary to Bahrain and Brazil, collecting experiences and lessons that would later go on to inspire his artistic perspective.

In an expressive merge of theatrics with pop cultural and political references, Kurucz’s works project vulnerability, flamboyance and a transformed view of human nature that each one of us can relate to. His colourful depictions of sexuality and celebrity figures create a place where camp makes love to surrealism, which is transpired by the choices of big hair, wild makeup and characters that strut the border between humans and caricatures. Pol’s work is layered, which makes sense given the rich cultural and professional background of the artist.

Part 3: Affection.

What is affection? How do we express it and how do we show that we are longing for it? Polar to the whirl of deep emotions and passion, affection is gentle, mild, private, and, sometimes, quiet. Affection goes hand-in-hand with vulnerability, and vulnerable is how the works of our contributors read in our eyes (and sounded in our ears).

The ballad of fondness is sung by Babé Sila, a Budapest-born singer, writer, and musician currently based in London and NYC.

After being hailed as the Hungarian Queen of R&B in her native country she decided to move to London to have the taste of the abundance of opportunities out there and to establish a creative community of her own.

Growing up in a multicultural environment and years of songwriting helped Babé Sila find her own sound and confidence in bringing her sui generis artistic vision to life. From the hypnotizing beats and deep bass-lines to heartfelt lyrics that cry earnestness and bleed fragility, Babé Sila stunts the balance between softness and expressiveness, all while staying true to her unique self.


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