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Kuba Kulisa, Architect, Copenhagen

A moment of tranquility. A moment of reflection. The outside world is overflowing with noise, triggers and ideas, all of which blend together in a vortex, where we found ourselves lost in. It’s time to pause. And take a deep breath.

Tune in tomorrow, when @jakubkulisa, an architect and friend of GAHSP shows us his new abode in the serene neighbourhood of Copenhagen and reflects on the importance of staying mindful and how the living environment can assist with that.

New York to Copenhagen

Kuba, 25 years old architect from Poland, was studying in Milan, Cracow and London. Was working at BIG New York for the last year and now moved to Copenhagen. Kuba is interested in the way that architecture could impact the future way of living and change the world by implementing tech. The way we are going to build on Earth as well as in space in the nearest future.

From the crowded streets of New York overflowing with noise and laced with smoke from the cabs, to a serene neighbourhood in Copenhagen with crisp air and empty roads, where on occasion a friendly cyclist will wave to say hello.

Polish architect, Kuba, has showed us what energized him in his new setting and how he uses the environment to ignite his creative spirits. And, seems that even for an architect, a megapolis with rows of skyscrapers one behind the other is not the only way to become inspired. Perhaps, one thing that the muse needs to float back is a moment of tranquility...and a breath of fresh air.


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