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On ninth of October @k11musea unveiled its exhibition in collaboration with @phillipsauction , and, apart from Keith Haring, the star of the show, the lineup featured some of the most prominent works from Phillips’s collection.

NO FUTURE COMPANION (Black chrome coated metal). KAWS x Hajime Sorayama. Hajime Sorayama joined forces with KAWS to reimagine the signature cartoonish figurine through the prism of retrofuturism. The sculpture evokes the digital avatars from the early aughts with its exaggerated limbs, while its chrome finish creates this extra level of references.

Eroded Telephone Future Relic (Hydrostone and quartz crystals). Daniel Arsham x Dior. Arsham’s works are largely projections of the future executed in stone and crystals. This specimen reveals Dior’s logo on its dial that’s partially destroyed by quartz crystals growing through it.

Classic Robot SURF (Mixed media, alloy). Hajime Sorayama. This work is based on Sorayama’s painting done back in 1984. The sculpture depicts a robot riding a wave as an eccentric tribute to the end of the bronze age of comics and as a powerful showcase of the artist’s ability to balance aesthetic with function.


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