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Jonzu, Model & Fashion Stylist, New York

The New 90s Supermodel of the Screaming Twenties?

Styling and modelling seem like two things that always go hand-in-hand, and it seems like it is easy to switch from one to another on a whim. Our next contributor, @jonzu was working as a stylist before he dazzled us with his cover for @coolkoreamag and stepped on the pages of @vulkanmag , where his macabre looks proved once more that horror and erotica do belong together.

“My look and aesthetic in a nutshell is goth chic with influences of avant-garde fashion, anime, video games, and alternative music.” Jonzu’s goal is to breathe life into the ‘90s aesthetic that we all so deeply covet. He’s the Versace golden boy that escaped Donatella’s wet dreams and wrapped himself in leather and satin. Despite there being a clear consistent message in Jonzu’s personal wardrobe, his styling does not fall short of versatility in the best sense of the word. His styling for @metropolitanmagazine and L’Officiel Australia showcases his mastery in creating soft, feminine looks, while his work for @genlux proves his understanding and respect for conservative, heritage styles.


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