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Inst 3. “Layered into Proportion”

The many facets of human nature as seen by Laurent Seljan

"Fashion Victim", collage with sellotape, 2016

I like to attract the viewer with a Pop candy. But then comes a second layer. Behind the sweet picture, it deals with human nature, or with the world we live in. It can be psychological or political but there is always a matter of reflection, sometimes hidden and sometimes obvious… The candy can taste bitter. It depends on who is sucking it.

"Plastic Surgery", collage with sellotape, 2018

I don’t believe in life after life or any kind of Paradise. I believe I’m here for a very short period and then I will be ashes forever. I hope it will be deposited

in a forest so I can participate in making nature grow.

"Exaltation", collage, 2019

To receive and the most important, to give… Any kind of Love. Of course, the emotional fireworks, the thrill, the sex… But also respect, compassion, generosity. Love is what makes us Human, it’s not about tacky romanticism and pink little paper hearts.

Edited by Julia Horvath


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