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Inst 2. “In the Tiny Space between Nothing and Everything”

"I think true connection comes from openness, communication, and understanding. Whether it’s connecting with the people you interact with, your space, your body, your past, or your own thoughts, I think connection is vital for understanding, self awareness, empathy, and growth."

"Even in my final form I want the ability to transform myself and my surroundings. I was once told that I had a “prism” aura and it resonated with me. I want to reflect light and be transparent and open but have the ability to change based on the different facets of myself."

"I aspire for inner harmony and the ability to use this to heal and promote more harmony for myself and the people around me."

The many facets of @yuritachi as seen by @luftmenschx

Talent: @yuritachi

Photographer: @ryanscullin


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