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#GAHSPreview presents: SINA

Our previous #GAHSPvanity star, Szilagyi Imola Nelli, is a 22 years old Hungarian artist currently based in Milan. In her contemporary artworks, she captures and elaborates different stages of human consciousness.

Imola’s recent project ‘An Alternative’, is a manifesto that showcases art as something beyond just a glamorous tool for occasional escapism, but a gateway to an entirely new reality with its own beautiful (and, sometimes, harsh) nuances. “Recently, all our hopes and opportunities got dissolved, with having no power over them. Helplessly giving ourselves up to the current, finding different ways to cope. And maybe that's where the beauty lies. If we are tired of living between lines we didn't draw, if we are tired of being told what to do, then why not draw our own lines?”, notes Imola.

In her work, the artist poses alongside her paintings communicate the idea of intimacy in art, and also illustrate how transformative visual art can be across the planes beyond emotional.

Written by Gennady Oreshkin

Image Courtesy of SINA


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