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#GAHSPreview presents: Laurent Grasso

Laurent Grasso is a multimedia artist who aims to explore and document the uncertainty by grasping, revealing and materialising the invisible, no matter how abstract or elusive the topic might be.

In Grasso’s recent exhibition at Perrotin Hong Kong titled ‘Future Herbarium’, the artist captured the paranormal events (or the ones used to be considered paranormal rather) of the past. The collection captured the phenomena of sound waves and solar winds through vibrant, retro-futuristic almost, paintings, as well as natural and anthropogenic aberrations through a series of sculptures.

Cover: Laurent Grasso, Future Herbarium, Onyx, 25 x 25 x 10 cm, Courtesy of Laurent Grasso.

Slide 2: Photo Ringo Cheung, Courtesy Perrotin.

Slide 3: Photo Claire Dorn, Courtesy Perrotin.

Slide 4: Photo Claire Dorn, Courtesy Perrotin.

Slide 5: Photo Claire Dorn, Courtesy Perrotin.


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