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#GAHSPreview presents: Daniel Solomons

#GAHSPreview presents: Daniel Solomons

Daniel Solomons is a British-Spanish visual artist based in London. Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, Daniel creates installations that represent spatial intervention and use a variety of media, materials and stimuli that converge in the construction of the pieces, manifesting multiple connections between art, architecture and literature, theory and practice, shapes and contents.

Solomons’s recent sound art installation, THE RESISTANCE, explores the theme of loneliness as a response to the confinement faced by us collectively during the pandemic. The work attempts to suspend time and create a synthetic tranquility through repeating mirror motifs that nearly create a picture of the surreal world as seen through the looking glass. The sound element of the monument is a recreation of “natural” silence — a landscape of multiple frequencies with an extended tempo.

Written by Gennady Oreshkin

Image Courtesy of Daniel Solomons


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