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2020 undoubtedly brought chaos and uncertainty to the world, forcing us all to innovate, re-evaluate our prioritise and learn to appreciate the little things. Going into 2021, we at GAHSP hope to keep elevating creatives and artists globally and creating meaningful content. Our contributors and readers will always be at our core and we cannot wait to share more of their inspiring stories.

- Gennady Oreshkin, Editor-in-Chief

“Abwarten!”, which means “Wait for it!”, is the instruction I used to hear all the time by my German trainer when I was galloping on high speed against the jumping fence at my riding practice. I spent years perfecting this skill that taught me not only to keep a clear head in competition but also to master my performance while being fully aware of the obstacles in front of me. Little did I know how this lesson will gain a completely new relevance in 2020.

The pandemic has put many of us in a position where we were forced to revaluate our past and recalculate our future. Most importantly, it gave a new perception to our present. We found ourselves in a moment of “Abwarten”. In this moment of realizing the obstacles that surround us, reaching further than just the pandemic, tapping into fundamental questions about the way we are living, we gained awareness. I believe this moment is a perfect chance for every player out there – athletes, creatives, brands, designers, and everyone beyond - to innovate and to up their game – with a clear head, at their highest potential.

- Julia Horvath, Creative Director


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