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"Code of Conduct", Berlin

“Code of Conduct" is a new series of extended interviews focusing on Berlin-based artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Setting up guidelines

Rethinking reasons and ground rules

Enforcing them in an industry that harvests their output can be crucial.

When a young collective decides to grow together from the beginning, while still keeping there own heritage, they have to create a complete new “rulebook” for their needs.

We talked to Kasia Kucharska, Reiner Törner and Wanda Wollinsky about their ethos , engagement,advocacy...different points of a code of conduct.

In the final episode of Code of Conduct we discussed some of the most relevant and pressing issues in the fashion industry:

Resources that could reach beyond it’s original context and the ability to connect market value with real human conscience.

Thank you for taking part in this conversation.

Vi Nghiem Tuong


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