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Christie's Asia, JOYCE

On 14th of November, @christiesasia showcased the selected pieces from its upcoming sale at @joycehk . The exhibition was meant to act as ‘visual representation of today as seen through the eyes of contemporary masters’. The works indirectly referenced the inseparability of art and fashion, mirroring Joyce’s extraordinary curation of ready-to-wear.

Untitled (two hands). Amoko Boafo. 1984.

“I want to paint people who have had the same experiences as me. I want to see myself and have people see themselves in me.” - reveals Boafo. The artist specializes in portraiture and made a mark with his unique depiction of skin texture. The attention to skin, in particular, is very common among Viennese painters, and, in the case with Boafo, the skin is meant to serve as a focal point of the piece, especially with the clothes and other details left intentionally blank. The artist is set to collaborate with Kim Jones for @dior ‘s upcoming menswear collection.

Companion Chair. KAWS & Ferdinando Campana & Humberto Campana. 2019.

Nothing could embody the spirit of collaboration and breaking boundaries like this specimen, a joint vision of KAWS and Ferdinando and Humberto Campana. The furniture design duo has picked KAWS to create a piece that would bring pop cultural elements into the physical realm. The Companion Chair is covered in KAWS’s signature cross-eyed figures, with the versions available in grey, pink and black (that one now comfortably resides in @kyliejenner ‘s house).

Miss Ko2. Takashi Murakami. 1996.

Miss Ko2 lived many lives in Murakami’s oeuvre, from sculptures to paintings. She was born in the nineties during the early days of the cultural phenomenon known as manga. The figure of Ko2 is flat and superimposed against a silver background, which is a reference to traditional Japanese screen printing. This piece was not only a clear manifestation of fusing high and low art but also an omen to the intimate relationship art would have with fashion in the future.


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