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CENTRESTAGE Fashion show S/S21, Hong Kong

This season, Hong Kong’s most coveted fashion event of the year, CENTRESTAGE Fashion show was moved online, resulting in an otherworldly presentation that fully transported us onto a remote planet through stunning digital scenography and hypnotising music.

Yeung Chin

@yeungchin406 06 was all about deconstruction and hybridization this season. Lace harmonized with harnesses, and drapes with denim, encompassing both the brutal and the delicate. Yeung Chin has masterfully fused polar media to create dystopian silhouettes, as seen from the heavily-textured denim ensemble. Victorian influences were evident – lace panels, ruffles and excessive jewellery were a giveaway. The collection also featured a number of plastic accessories, which we couldn’t help but interpret as a metaphor for ocean pollution.

Bettie Haute Couture

The art industry is whispering about the birth of a new movement – Beautalism, and we immediately thought of @bettiehautecouture . The label’s collection was based on mixing classic prints and embracing the chaos through sleek silhouettes. In the House’s novel interpretation of tailoring we saw pinstripes meeting plaids and waistcoats becoming skirts, giving the heritage couture a fresh and bold makeover.

Angus Tsui

The true starlet of Hong Kong fashion scene, @angustsuiofficialstayed true to his futuristic aesthetic. Sustainable at heart, the collection had models transform into space divas with the help of utilitarian yet sensual garments. We witnessed a delightful mix of sustainable (!) materials and a wide range of silhouettes, from sleek and highly structured to loose and bulky ones, altogether bringing the sci-fi fantasy to life.

In CENTRESTAGE’s ‘Fashionally’ digital fashion show, Hong Kong’s young, inspiring brands showcased their latest collections that submerged us into an enticing fantasy world, making us seriously question the need for traditional shows in the future.

Kevin Ho

Seeing @kevinho.official on the runway is always a delight, and this season young designer has won our hearts with soft tailoring and sensual silhouettes. This season the brand featured a fair share of pleats and asymmetric cuts, which seem to be a signature. The flowy bottoms were paired with captivating jackets and blazers of varying textures and prints, while the padded shoulders stayed consistent throughout the modest collection and gave the pieces a powerful presence.


YMDH was a fine example of boho done right. Seems that this season, @ymdhstudio decided to take a step away from the overwhelmingly urbanistic designs with never-ending layers and foray into a dreamy direction that infused streetwear with ancient folklore elements. Relaxed silhouettes and a wise choice of fabrics, coupled with genius styling took us to the world where the line between a national costume and contemporary fashion is non-existent, leaving us longing for more and more of this exact type of hybridization.

Charlotte Ng Studio

In her latest collection, Charlotte Ng Studio tied early 20th century inspirations, and Chinese watercolour-inspired print into one bundle that took shapes of suits, skirts and blouses. Subtle layering and pleats gave garments dimension, while the muted colourway provided every piece with a profound sense of versatility. Every single piece from the collection emphatically twirled on the line between traditional and modern, austere and refreshing, pushing the idea of functional yet aesthetically appealing garments further.

CENTRESTAGE’s Hong Kong en Vogue fashion show gathered the talent of the brightest local fashion designers in a mesmerizing presentation, where the ancient and the modern managed to find balance.

JUNW Natural

JUNW Natural presented a selection of flowy, effortless pieces that featured hypnotising prints and fluid silhouettes. The pairing of vibrant garments with matching headscarves showcased the brand’s commitment to the vintage-inspired aesthetics. One of the highlights – a sleeveless dress with a matching mask proved once again that making a sustainable choice of fabric does not mean compromising the aesthetics.

Syra J

Hong Kong is not exactly a camp capital, and young womenswear brand, Syra J is planning to change that. In its latest CENTRESTAGE collection, the label presented a concoction of prints and an array of traditional silhouettes. From bell dresses to pantsuits, the garments captivated with their impeccable construction; each piece was accompanied by bold tulle hats and crystal fringe facial accessories that both helped push the whimsical aesthetics to the next level.


Major inspirations of the early 2000s were embodied by Oplus2 this season. Hybridization was the defining element of the collection, with patterned bodycon dresses peeking through the layers of gathered tulle. Some of the pieces incorporated corsetry and cutouts into their designs, while the choice of colours evoked the early 2000s nostalgia.


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