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#ASK ft. Orland Verdú

#ASK is a monthly practice to enable liberating conversations through collective experiences. We collect questions by Creatives from all around the world exposing values and problems, as well as alternative environments for the future. These questions then become a tool to universalize and time conversations by being posed to other Creatives over and over.

Orland Verdú. Physical Actor from Barcelona


Physical Actor & Creator of the Onyric Theatre


Orland Verdú. Physical Actor from Barcelona


With the progressive dehumanization of art into pure commercialization and a trans-human society model, what mutation will it take? Will art be an instrument of deep and universal transformation or a mere object of consumption and entertainment? Will both possibilities continue to coexist?

Orland Verdú. Physical Actor from Barcelona


At such a fitful historical moment, between the old social model and the new post-pandemic and technological reality in which theaters and movie theaters see how the audience numbers plummeting and cultural habits mutating, what can we do as creatives to enchant and attract the public again to the live Dionysian communion in body and soul? Will the Apollonian model of representation prevail, now in screen format?

Orland Verdú. Physical Actor from Barcelona


Is the artist a product of his work or is the work a reflection of the moving artist? Do I choose the work or does the work choose me in the creative process? Are we subjects or objects as creators?

Written and Edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Orland Verdú


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