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Alma Vetlenyi, Fashion Designer, Budapest


We spoke to Alma Vetlenyi about her idea of sustainability and how she manages to reach beyond it and propel her business (followed by the whole industry soon enough hopefully) towards a circular model.

Discover the beautiful mind of @almavetlenyi and her vision for the future in our upcoming #experienceGAHSP Qu & A

“Real happiness starts when we are aware of what is important” - says Alma Vetlenyi.

In our first part of the interview with Alma, she highlighted the importance of educating the youth about sustainable values, as well ashore crucial it really is to make conscious choices when it comes to fashion.

We spoke to Alma about her vision of sustainable practices in the realm of fashion. Her idea of sustainability goes way beyond proper sourcing strategies and conscious manufacturing and is integrated into every part of her brand, from customer relations to advertising.

“People have re-evaluated what is truly important to them, real human values have come to the fore with the slowdown brought by the quarantine and trauma caused by the pandemic.”


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