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Alina, Model & Media Designer, Poet, Budapest

Muse? Poet?

Models are often considered to be the embodiments of muses, in the case of @cicacicca , however, the muse and the poet have the same face...and bangs.

Alina took social media by storm after the video of her posing with Dobermans in a desert for @alexanderwangny was reposted by @dazedfashion . When she isn’t found enchanting the cameras, Alina studies Media Design and creates surreal digital art as @alina_doing_her_shit ; her work explores texture in its most hypnotizing forms and walks the balance between abstract retrofuturism and a grim take on neo-surrealism. We wouldn’t be surprised if you saw her work present itself during your last violent sleep paralysis.

“My work represents philosophical, spiritual, oftentimes, social-psychological issues in various art forms such as digital art, photography, media design, cinematography, poetry. The figures I use were adapted from my dreams, which are generally embodied by abstract sceneries. I often feature consumer society through a critical eye with having a non-figurative, neo-surrealism orientation. A way of order and harmony in a dark, chaotic mindset.”


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