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#PORTAL - Nightmare Nostalgia

The fleeting rush you feel the moment after being pulled out from under Morpheus’s sheets. The hours of day creep by, inspiring the sulking desire to get lost in the sweet embrace of horror from the night before just to catch yourself upon a needle of adrenaline.

#PORTAL is an open-context presentation platform accepting entries for all types of creative initiatives.

Talent: @nastymeteva @justgennady @first_phatsann

Creative Direction: @nastymeteva

Production and Styling: @gennadyoreshkin

Photography: @zarefkhan_

Video: James Goldman

Makeup: @zueymakeup

Hair: @elizachan__makeup

Wardrobe: Tibi, YCH, A.L.C., Halston

Presented by Gennady Oreshkin, Anastasiia Akhmameteva, Thais

Image Courtesy of Zaref Khan


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