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#MEDIA ft. Giuseppe Pettineo

#MEDIA is a monthly practice to shift more focus to our mission: creating an alternative to traditional media where Creatives are in full control of their narratives. We explore opinions, experiences and wishes that other media outlets will keep unheard.


Visual Artist & Image Maker


The media landscape has evolved throughout the years and so have issues. Nowadays contents are easier to avail in a shorter amount of time and due to this aspect it is more difficult to ascertain the reliability and quality of the contents themselves. We also think we are getting in touch with the surrounding reality but a wrong use of the media landscape can lead to an alienation from our personal life, our targets and our physical and mental well-being.

Social media is an integral part of most of our lives today. I grew up in an era where social networks were the novelty and I slowly saw them take over reality. Last year I made a post on Pinterest and quickly I went viral. Thanks to this my followers on instagram increased and I entered the world of work on social media. Working on social media is a privilege but there are also some downsides. The grueling competition is the most cruel of them, it can affect the mental aspect of a person and his way of approaching the world of work.

Media outlets have existed for a long time and continue to be a fundamental part of communication and content creation but there are still some problems. The most important is the lack of natural evolution of language that would be an approaching method to young generations. There have been attempts but they seemed very forced by wanting to continually emphasize the change itself. The best way would be to change things gradually without letting the active and young audiences notice it.

Written and Edited by Julia Horvath

Image Courtesy of Giuseppe Pettineo


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