GAHSP Media is a new generation media platform

that experiments with unusual ways to spark conversations within the creative industry and beyond.


GAHSP’s goal is to simplify the way we can collectively engage with values and problems that shape our lives.


Since April 2020, GAHSP had a chance to partner with Glamour Magazine, Soho House and WGSN. Throughout its conversations and campaigns more than 300  prominent Creatives have been featured -

Thierry Chow, Corina Mihaila Larpin, Asli Yilmazturk and Martin Gregory Jerez to name a few.


Based in Hong Kong, GAHSP operates with a global mindset,

with Contributors based in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and Budapest.





Meet our Founders























Gennady is a Russian-born, Hong-Kong based writer and editor, and the Co-Founder of GAHSP Media. Épater la bourgeoisie, a decadent French slogan, perfectly describes his craft and style in its proclivity for enlightenment through shock. Whether its features, editorial or art direction, Gennady's work investigates the mechanisms that drive and shape fashion, art and jewellery industries. Gennady aims to uncover the stories behind some of the most extraordinary and mind-haunting creations and ideas through intimate conversations with the masters themselves.


Co-Founder & CEO





















Julia is a Hungarian-born, Hong-Kong and New York based Creative and the Co-Founder of GAHSP Media. Inspired by the synergism of

cultures and creative disciplines, her goal is to create concepts that can serve as mediators between people and their mindsets. She believes that abstract and creative thinking should be encouraged and practiced inclusively in order to ease social and cultural problems, while shedding light on talents and values. Julia is currently working as a designer in the fields of fashion and jewellery, while creating projects that tap into media and education.     

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